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    A turnkey solution for
    treasury management
  • eFS provides you with a multitude of features to simplify your daily treasury activities—along with strong reporting capabilities.
  • Every morning, eFS automatically consolidates your cash positions before you even get to the office, delivering reports that analyze your liquidity— enabling more efficient decision making throughout your day.

Cash Management

Visibility of Your Cash Positions is Crucial; A Core Function of your Treasury Department. Consistent, Accurate Consolidation Empowers you to Make Quicker Informed Decisions.

With eFS:
See what you Want to See,
The Way you Want to See it,
The Moment you Get to Work.

Cash Forecasting

Accurately Predict your Cash Flow with this Flexible Forecasting Tool and Optimize Your Credit and Investment Products.

Excel as a Cash Forecasting Tool can Bring Complexity and the Potential for Human Error. eFS brings you the flexibility of Excel in a consolidated environment that will increase the overall accuracy of your forecast.

Payment Management

Whether it's Wire, ACH, SEPA, OR Inter-Company, the eFS Payment Processes Enable you to Control, Release and Track Payments from a Central Location.

Break Free from multiple bank portals with a single, easy to use interface.

Mobile Payment Approvals

For people on the go, eFS provides a secure and easy-to-use mobile application for payment approvals.

Your team can verify and approve payments from any mobile device—Anywhere.

Risk Management

As a Treasurer, you Manage Risk on a Daily Basis, Employing Hedging, FX Deals, and other Practices. Whatever your Methods, you Must Always Start with a Clear View of your Cash Flow & Exposures, as Well as Accurate Forecasts. Risk Management is Achieved by Incorporating String Policies into your Approval Processes and Cash Management Operations.

Risk is also managed by incorporating strong policies in your approval processes and cash management operations.

Powerful Report; Business Intelligence

Optimize your Processes and Manage your Cash Efficiently by Leveraging your Valuable Treasury Data.

Excel’s Functionality can Fall Short when it Comes to Analyzing Data Via Advanced KPIs, Producing AD HOC Reports and Sharing Real-Time Dashboards with your Team.

That’s why eFS is Integrated with Microsoft Power BI, the Leader in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

With eFS and Power BI, you can Optimize Excel on a Fresh, Powerful Reporting Platform.

Leverage your Data Like Never Before with the Combination of eFS and Microsoft BI.

System Integration

Make eFS the hub for all your treasury activities.

eFS Integrates with your ERP to Streamline and Expedite your Payment Processes. eFS Enhanced Forecasting Aggregates the Data from Various Sources for Improved Accuracy.

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